Sukothai, the 13th century former capital of Thailand. A five-hour train trip from Bangkok deposits you at Phitsanulok,  where you catch a tuk-tuk to the bus station and buy a ticket for an hour-long trip to New Sukothai, a nice small city 20 minutes from the beautifully preserved ruins of Old Sukothai. Arriving late in the afternoon we checked into our hotel (we had our own hut), washed up, and walked into town for several of these: 

"Classic." Nice bar, just a few stools, right on the street. Beer are about $1.50, and we'd typically share 3 of them per evening. It's clean, lean beer, lager-style, great with local food and climate. 

Breakfast selfie at the hotel. Lovely grounds. Spa too; we had a couples massage later. 

Sample of local bus. About 20 minutes to Old Sukothai:

Get there early and you'll have the place to yourselves. Bicycle rentals are encouraged but it's easy enough to walk around. It is magnificent, a real national treasure. 

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