3rd stop, Chiang Mai

Sunset from the train window en route from Sukothai/Phitsanulok to Chiang Mai. 
Chiang Mai is the second largest city in Thailand. It was about a 7-hour ride from Phitsanulock/Sukothai. We pulled in around 9pm and took a tuk-tuk to our hotel, a modest affair, but clean, with a hot shower, about $20/night. We cleaned up and went out for a walk, beers, and, for a change, wood-fired pizza. It was Christmas Eve. 

Christmas day brought us delights like this: 

Many wats- temples- have amazingly life-like statues of holy men. Madame Tussaud's should send their artists over here to learn how to do it. Honestly very good, unusual and quite odd. A Thai Facebook friend tells me this is quite a new development, distinct to the north. 

A reclining Buddha. Much smaller than the famous one in Bangkok, which we would see at the end of the trip. 

Another wax statue.

At this way there's an area for novices who wish to practice English. Ng- not a statue- was charming and also a Chelsea fan. 

Christmas dinner, braised pork shank, rice, egg… so delicious...

Prepared by this lady in a humble street-side stand. She's quite famous, having been featured on a travel show, and the hat has become something of a trademark. 

A "thaipwriter," in the cultural Museum on Boxing Day. 

Chiang Mai noodles made a great late lunch, in a coconut curry with addictive crispy pork, deep-fried pork belly. 

Found a pub for the Chelsea-West Ham match and a late supper. 

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