Daily transport in Bangkok and Laos.

In Thailand and Laos, we enjoyed many different forms of transport, not all of them pictured here. 

Canal Boat. A ride was about $.15. Good way to get around the city. 

They can go quite fast!

River boat taxi. Bus, really. Great way to cover a lot of ground, escaping the traffic.

Susan on a river boat taxi, heading north to a flower market. 

Awaiting the train to Sukothai.

A Sukothai bus, one like this would take us to Old Sukothai, the original Thai capital. 

A particularly clean Tuk Tuk in "new" Sukothai.

On the Slow Boat to Luang Prabang, Laos, start of a two-day journey from northern Thailand.

Slow Boat.

Disembarking at Pak Beng, halfway to Luang Prabang. 

Tuk Tuk, L.P. 

View from the Tuk Tuk.

Came across an old Lada Niva. I had one in Saudi Arabia. 

View from the only Laos train. They have 10km of track. Here we're crossing the Mekong back into Thailand, about 20 miles from Laos' capital, Ventiane. 

Susan in our 2nd class sleeper en route back to Bangkok from Laos. Those two seats make a bed, with another up top folding down. Approx $20/ticket.

Train loo. 

Another view of the seating/bed. 

Ferries to Ko Samet, the closest island to Bangkok, about a 3-hour bus ride from the city. 

30 minutes to the island of Ko Samet.

We went snorkeling and sailing one day on Ko Samet, our charter boat above.  

Back in Bangkok, on the River Taxi.

River taxi.

Not pictured: mini-van bus, regular bus, motorcycle taxi. And feet. Walked about 10 miles per day most days, sometimes more. 

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