En Route to Granada: Arcos de la Frontera

Leaving our friend at charming Chiclana we headed north, then east, into the mountains and eventually to Arcos de la Frontera, probably the most visited of the famous hilltop towns. Towns named "de la Frontera" exist from the time of the catholic reconquest of Moorish Spain. As the Christians pushed south, they built border towns, to them "of the frontier"- "de la Frontera."

It was a quiet Sunday, which suited us well. We parked in an underground car park in the new part of town and began a leisurely walk up into the old town.

Homes in Frontera towns must by law remain whitewashed, and the view from afar is captivating, as are the views into the surrounding valleys.

Here is Susan looking from the edge of the main square, home to the Church of San Pedro:

That's a hotel to the right, and an ideal location for an overnight stay in this charming town.

As is was Sunday, it was largely quiet with few open shops. But we did enjoy the architecture and the scenery, and a couple of locals were showing birds of prey, still used in hunting regionally, off the square:

The streets were mostly deserted though as our visit also coincided with late lunch time, so locals were indoors. Though there was one local who caught my eye:

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