Who's Darly?

When I worked in Saudi Arabia in the '90's, I set up a bank account there. When my ATM card arrived my name was listed as "Darly Gross." It stuck. My title pays homage to "Travels with Charlie"- John Steinbeck's wonderful travelogue across the United States with his faithful poodle Charlie as companion.

As soon as I figure out this "blog" thing I'll start uploading notes from our January/February 2008 trip to Vietnam and Siem Reap, Cambodia, here.

For now, here's a picture of some porcine organ meat on sale in Ben Thanh Market to whet your appetites. However I'm not sure how I'd feel about buying pigs ears from a vendor who's smoking. It's a little unhygenic. Better stick to the tripe at the beef stall across the aisle.


bill h said...

I thought "Darly Gross" was an Omani creation!

Enjoying it so far--keep them "blogs" coming (if that's what kids today call their discourse on these InterNets).

Frances Peake said...
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Frances Peake said...

Hi Daryl,

Bianca and I viewed all your posts from Vietnam/Cambodia over lunch here at our office. Lunch happened to be "Smart Ones" microwavable Thai Style rice noodles with chicken and carrots...almost Vietnamese. Ha.

Actually the food in your photo looked amazing. We were able to appreciate it. Except they really need to cover up those raw innards.

We loved seeing your photos and enjoyed reading as much as we had time for.


Your sister-in-law Francie